Bank Management System in PHP (With project zip file)


This is just a simple Bank Management System in PHP with all CRUD operation which might be very helpful for the student for their minor and other college and school project. We had created this project with Procedural oriented way but if students requests us for the object oriented one then we will soon upload the object oriented  PHP project. You can easily find the pattern and process for all CRUD operation. If you have any queries regarding this project then please feel free to ask us.  We have provided all SQL and Project file in Zip folder. We used HTML, PHP, SQL, Bootstrap for CSS in this project.

Here are the some snaps of our project.

First Main Index Page

Screen Shots:

Sign Up for the Bank Tailor


Sign in for bank Tailor
After successfully Login
Create New Customer Account
Account Create Process
Successful Message
Access Account

Deposit Amount

Edit Customer Info
List of Customer
Search Customer


Click here to download the Project zip file.

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