The Heritage of Words (All Notes)



Chapter Title Writer Genre
Ray young Bear Poem
  • About Love 
Anton Chekhov Short Story
W.B Yeats Poem
  • Two Long-term Problems: Too Many People and Two few Trees
Moti Nissani Essay
  • Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies


William Shakespear Poem
M. Lilla/ C. Bishop Essay
William Stafford Poem
  • A Story
Dylan Thomas Short Story
  • The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship
G. G Marquery Short Story
G.M Hopkins Poem
Martin Luther King Essay
  • Women’s Business
Ilene Kantrov Essay
  • The children who wait
Marsha Traugot Essay
Germaine Greer Essay
  • The Tell-Tale heart
Edgar Allan Poe Short Story
  • Purgatory
W.B Yeats Drama
  • Hansel and Gretel
Jacob/ W. Grimm Short Story
  • The Gingerbread house
Robert Coover Short Story
  • Gretel 
Garrison Keiller Short Story
  • The Little Brother and the Little Sister
Jacob/ W. Grimm Short Story
  • The Boarding House
James Joyce Short Story
  • Hansel and Gretel
Jack Zipes Short Story
  • Hansel and Gretel 
Bruna Bettelhiem Short Story


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