Bank Management System using C & C++ (with downloadable source file)


This is the Bank Management System project using with C and C++. Both of the programming languages are used so that student can get the reference about the all working process of both language. When we run the application there will be a welcome message box appear at first. Then we have the main menu starting from 1 to 5 option, where to select the option we have to choose number from 1 to 5. The main menu view is like:

  1. Create new Account
  2. Access existing account
  3. close an account
  4. list of all account
  5. exit

We have to select option 2 for access any existing account and then we get another menu to perform operation like withdraw, deposit, check balance, previous transaction and exit from the account.

These are the some snaps of the project. You can download the source file from below and if you have any question you can ask on comment or you can like our Facebook page or and ask question about your problem. If you want the project documentation with flowchart, algorithm and SDLC diagram then you can contact us.

Welcome Screen, At Starting of program
Main Program Menu
Insert Record form
New Customer Account Created Success message
Accessing Existing Account
Accessed account operation menu
Balance Check of Accessed Account
Deposit Amount
Withdraw Amount
Previous Transaction view
List of all Account
Delete Customer Account
List view of Customer Account After Delete of customer account

Click here to download source zip file.

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