PHP Address book Project with (Basic CRUD Operation) with Downloadable file


This is the php simple address book project which will be very helpful for the programming student as well as the school and college student for the reference of there college/ school assignment project. In this project HTML, PHP, Javascript and bootstrap and custom css is used. There is simple UI with table having email, contact number and Person Name. There is Add, Delete, Edit and Search button and when ever we perform the CURD operation there will appear the Operation success Message. We have also implement the pagination.

To run it in your Computer simply you need to import the sql file to your xampp local server.

You have to change the url of every link button and local link to

<a href=”http://localhost/TestProject/TestProject/insert.php” class=”btn btn-danger”>Add New Record</a>


<a href=”http://localhost/(your project directory path)/insert.php” class=”btn btn-danger”>Add New Record</a>


You also have to have internet in order to run it well because I had used the Bootstrap CDN but if you like to run it offline without internet then you can use bootstrap.min.css file inside this project.

Click Here to download the project file.

Click Here to download the database file.

If you have any problem Please feel free to contact in facebook or thourgh


some of snapshoots of the project

project main index UI.

Insert form.

success message after insert.

after search any content


after recorded deleted.

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